Monday, January 7, 2013

Top 10 Latest SEO Updates For Your Blog

The Web is growing rapidly. You need to focus on latest blogging tactics in SEO to create your authority, increase visibility, increase traffic to the website and to build relationship with customers.

·         Keywords: Keywords play a very important role in SEO. Stop using too many keywords in your content. Keywords are generally included in anchor text for inbound and internal links. Currently search engines like Google  look for variations in keyword phrases. They will no longer consider  identical links so start including existing keywords in your link to increase the website visibility.

·         H1 Tags: Don’t focus too much on H1 tags as search engines do  not give them much importance ranking your website. Title tags are be given vital importance. You need to optimize your H1 tags. To gain success in SEO and social media marketing you should use identical Title tags and H1 tags.

·         Reciprocal links: Search engines such as  Google used to consider reciprocal links to rank the website. Bloggers used to give much importance to the link exchange program. But now, this strategy will be no longer considered by Google. These links are weaker compared to direct links.

·         Content location: Focus on off-site content. On-site content is important, but to build the highest quality links you need to concentrate on off-site content. For example, off-site guest blogging is a  powerful technique to increase blog popularity.

·         Google+: Google+ offers numerous benefits to the bloggers. To increase the visibility of your blog you need to focus on three key aspects.

¨       Bloggers should have high authority on Google+, by this way your content gets popular even it is on low authority domain.

¨       Content present on Google+ will be quickly indexed by Google.

¨       Personalized search: This  will display the content from the Google+ community.

URL’S: Avoid using long and complex URL’S. Make URLs as simple as possible. Use special symbols in your URL like dashes, punctuation for more accuracy. If you focus on these things, you can prevent messy URL’S in search engines.

·         Links: Google penguin will now attack various inbound and back links among irrelevant and spam sites. Techniques like Black Hat,  and paying amount for directory farms are no longer into consideration by search engines. Web-masters will not recognize these sites in search engines.

·         Sitemaps: Sitemaps play a major role in indexing websites. If you are using word press tools take advantage of plugins. Plugins will automatically generate Sitemaps for your blog.

·         RSS feeds: It is an xml based file which permits compatible web systems to effectively read the data present on the web. Use and to distribute your content on different sources.

·         Optimizing WordPress blog: Optimizing the blog is an important task. It increases your visibility in search engine. Look for the white background themes in WordPress. Select the best SEO friendly theme.  Enable your permalinks. Consider powerful WordPress plugins. For example use Google analytics, chick lets, and Google sitemap generator, pod press etc.

About the Author:
This guest post is written by Sophie, who is a specialist in financial blogging from Manchester. Apart from blogging, she does research on cash payday Reach her at financeport. 

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