Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Optimize Well- Around Pivot of Changes

Why optimization is a need? If this is your question then surely you haven’t hit your keywords to rank in the first page of search engines. Fine before answering your productive question I too have a query, what is your first step when you launch a new site? A simple answer you’ll spend quality time in promoting your site. And the same optimization techniques do in a smarter manner, irrespective of the markets you would prefer to step in.
This article will answer your most asked question that how frequently you NEED tooptimize your site? Also you may be enlightened with the necessity of optimization that may creep in back of your mind and pop up when the exact moment knocks.

Re-designing needs Optimization
Re-designing or re-launching of your website just puts your entire optimization deeds that you had done earlier just goes into vein. In other words it just lands you on the starting line of the race.
Optimization becomes a necessity as everything is going to face a ring of change, may it be the content, the designs, or some other updates. So everything needs to be once again come in the view of your visitors. It’s because you’re re-designing or re-launching has just slipped you out of their view.
It’s not that you should just start the whole process once again; you just need to transform all your tasks into your re-designed format with prior considerations. Re-designing just gives you a fresh start but eradicating all the loop wholes of your previous model should always be considered. The deadliest challenge is to try to make a fairly seamless re-launch that doesn’t cost you a fortune in rankings.
Adding a New Content-do optimize
Whenever you add a new content to your website you need to show your words to the world. And that is where you need optimization the most. Definitely you would take steps whenever you update your content. But not to forget your new content may bring some negative effects to your older posts. And this is for surer you can’t risk a well known name for a new one. So when you add something new, you may want to re-visit existing pages. This will be the best idea but don’t forget to form a connection between your old and new posts.
Also when your new post relates to something of your past-posts then surely you would like to make sure that both of your pages don’t lie on competition with each other. Also if your new content is an important refurbish don’t let it burry somewhere deep where the users cannot reach.
The story doesn’t end up here only, if you have updated content and you don’t get visitors even after a month from the day it went live then this may also send negative reports to the search engine.
Thus you need to take all the necessary steps that would make your post an attractive one. Even more it should also serve the intention of the post. So the crux of the story is, do make a post but act wisely.
When the flow of search Change
Ranking is not a consistent game. You’re fortunate if you rank high but maybe someday you may see a fall. There are constant changes that come around in the searches, so you need to bring variations according to the turn the searches take. If a phrase of your page has just hiked up its ranking in top 10 then don’t get just relaxed, its better you start working on it.
There are many things to take care of, if a previously under-performing page suddenly starts showing up as a popular landing page. Then first look into why and how you can leverage it even further, but there may be other optimization opportunities that arise.
If someday a piece of content attract social media crowd towards your page then the best part lies if you try to attract more and more visitors making that content your basis. 
Be consistent
Now if you’re fortune cards are standing just in your favour, you don’t need to stop working. All you need to do in just gear-up yourself with better content and post them wisely. Because optimization is a never ending process and you should constantly keep your visitors updated.
The best way to maintain your consistency is that give a back look to the page you had worked on, 3 months ago or lesser par than it. Always be ready with the answers for following questions:
·         How’s my page performing, good-better-worst?
·         Has my hard work ranked it high?
·         Has the ranking improvised?
·         Are the changes showing positive or negative reaction?
·         When your visitors come in, are they sticking or they just see and move? 
·         How well have you impressed your audiences and how many clicks it has gained?

SEO Professionals should Never Sleep
As I had mentioned earlier a SEO professional has no rest hours. It’s true his work of improvisation is shown only when you rank high with lots of visitors.
So the whole narration comes to the final point that you need to tune-up your pages constantly. And for further betterment you should take necessary steps for better optimization of your website.
The conclusion can be directed towards the fact that sites always lack betterment. On all the turns you make, on the updates you slip in or may be when you direct your site to adapt changes. Optimization is the best tarot card reader of your website.
-Written by Sara Bruce. An SEO analyst, who predominantly works on removing negative remarks from websites, Do you face negative reviews about your Business/Services? Do visit our pages on ‘Remove negative results’ & ‘Removeripoff reports’ to get rid of it.

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